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When it comes to rodent control there are several things a pest controller should be looking for when starting a new treatment, one of the biggest of these is how the rodents are gaining entry. Without establishing this you could be leaving home and business owners open to new infestations in the near future. At Abbey Pest Control we offer full surveys when starting new treatments to ascertain: 
• What type of infestation the property has (droppings can be helpful) 
• Where in the property the pests are frequenting, this helps us lay traps most efficiently 
• To identify entry points 
Once a possible entry point is found we can use a couple of different methods to test if it is indeed being used by rodents, a UV tracking dust can be used to good effect as the rodents will leave behind foot prints and tail swipes within the dust which will also leave us a trail to be followed with a UV torch. We also use motion-sensitive cameras, sometimes the entry points are not obvious and this helps to confirm whether rodents are able to gain access to the property via this route. 
Sealing up the points of entry is a must once the rodents have been eradicated from the property to lower the chances of re-infestations. 
We have found usual suspects to look for over the years which include 
• Broken and or chewed airbricks. 
• Broken/missing bricks. 
• Gaps under doors. 
• Holes around pipes or holes where pipes used to be. 
• Missing vents. 
• Build overs (spaces left open in foundations to allow pipes to run into the building). 
A lot of these can be found under decking which is why it is always important to check underneath decking. 
There are also the things to look out for in which rodents will gain access to higher levels of the property, these can include, 
• Ivy or wisteria growing up the walls on the property to roof level. 
• Garden walls or fences leading up to a lower level roof. 
• Items placed against lower roofs that rodents can climb up. 
• Gutter down pipes (rodents can use these by squeezing between the pipe and the wall and crawling up. 
Not all entry points will be an easy fix, some may require a qualified builder to carry out, others can be a problem with the drains. Drain issues can have a temporary fix through the use of a non-return valve (one-way valve) which allows all waste to flow out but allows nothing back in, these can be installed on most drains but a full drain survey is recommended to find the cause and depth of the issue. 
Entry points are the key to solving most rodent related issues, gone are they days where turning up and throwing poison at a treatment will work, this is backed up by a study by the University of Reading which identified levels of resistance towards certain poisons from rodents. 
If you live in Reading or the surrounding areas of Berkshire and find you have an issue with with rodents and would like a free, no-obligation quote please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control on 07525 850347 or email on 
We cover Reading, Tilehurst, Caversham, Newbury, Maidenhead, Wokingham and Bracknell and our price includes a full survey, written report, all labour and materials. All of our operatives are fully trained, experienced members of the NPTA and we have comprehensive public liability insurance. 
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