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Mouse Control Reading
Is there a mouse in your house? 
Mice can be a problem all year round in Reading, especially during the colder months when they may enter your home seeking warmth and food. Due to their size they can gain access through the smallest of holes including airbricks, holes in brickwork or even from a neighbouring property.  
Mice can carry a number of diseases, including salmonella, hantavirus and lyme disease. They urinate and defecate whilst on the move which is why removing any infestation is critical. 
Methods to eradicate your mouse problem will mainly take place within the building, once mice have established themselves in your home they can begin to breed quite rapidly so it's important to get on top of any infestations early.  
It is important to keep your home clean and ensure food sources are inaccessible, any grains and cereals that are stored in bags should be moved to an airtight container to prevent the mice from gaining access. 
At Abbey Pest Control we use tracking dust to analyse their movements and favoured routes and will then create a treatment plan to help eliminate them.  
We will identify possible entry points and nesting sites and use traps and baiting to tackle the problem. 
As part of the price we will also carry out proofing works to seal any voids and provide advice to assist you in reducing the likelihood of future mouse problems. 
Mouse Control Reading

Methods to eradicate your mouse problem will vary depending on the location of the mice and the scale of the problem 

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