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With plenty of rodent jobs keeping us busy here at Abbey Pest Control we thought we’d do a quick blog on how you to spot signs of rodent activity within your home or business. 
One of the first signs a customer notices are unusual sounds around the home, usually in the walls, ceiling voids or in the loft. These distinctive scratching sounds are a common indicator that you may have rats, mice or squirrels in your home. Sometimes the sounds can be attributable to birds, particularly in the loft, which is why it’s important to fully survey all sites and correctly identify the type of pest before beginning a treatment plan.  
Another indicator of a rodent infestation is the presence of faeces or droppings; these will be found in the same places the noises are being heard. Mice usually leave droppings scattered around on the same routes they use to traverse your home whilst rats tend to favour specific areas to leave their droppings. With a single rat capable of producing up to 40 droppings in a single night these preferred locations can begin to emit a rather unpleasant odour. 
Signs of rat activity in Reading Signs of Rat activity in Reading
The Impact of Flooding on Rats in Caversham. 
Flooding in Caversham not only poses immediate risks to property and safety but also can increase rat infestations. As water levels rise, rats are forced out of their underground burrows, seeking refuge in drier areas, including homes and businesses. Here at Abbey Pest Control, we understand how flooding affects rat behavior. These are a few reasons for not only the increased activity, but the potential health risks involved. 
Rats in caversham
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