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Wasp nest control Reading
Offering wasp nest removal in Reading and Berkshire 
Wasp and hornet nest treatments start from only £50, with no additional charges for extra nests 
Wasp season generally starts around mid-April in Reading, Shinfield, Wokingham, Thatcham, Newbury and Berkshire. The queens emerge at this time to source a suitable nest site. 
There are several types of wasp found in Reading and throughout Berkshire and the rest of the UK. These are the Common wasp, German/European wasp and Tree wasp. 
Wasps can build their nests in a range of spaces, they often favour quiet roof spaces, hedge rows, trees but have been known to start their nests in BBQ’s and even garden heaters. 
In Reading you are likely to encounter the Common or European Hornet; these are much larger than wasps and deliver a more powerful sting. Hornets are a lot more docile compared to wasps but will become very aggressive if they believe their nest to be under attack. 
Wasp Nest Control Reading

Wasps can be very aggressive and can pose a serious threat to someone who is allergic to their venom therefore the extermination of a nest, especially one built in or around your home, can be a highly necessary thing. 

At Abbey Pest Control we will visit your property and ensure we have identified all nests before exterminating them. We have a range of equipment that provides us with full protection and enables us to reach nests even in the most difficult places.  
Abbey Pest Control are wasp and hornet exterminator experts working throughout Reading and Berkshire and aim to attend the same day to resolve your wasp or hornet problem; giving you the peace of mind that its has been dealt with quickly and professionally. Wasp and hornet nests are treated with a modern insecticide that is not toxic to mammals but highly toxic to the insects which results in a fall in activity within hours; we guarantee all our treatments for the price quoted. 
If you have a problem with wasps or hornets don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control. 
Covering: Reading, Tilehurst, Caversham, Wokingham, Shinfield, Woodley, Newbury, Chieveley, Thatcham and surrounding areas. Our price includes a full survey, written report, all labour and materials. All of our operatives are fully trained, experienced members of the NPTA and we have comprehensive public liability insurance. 
There are no hidden costs for additional nests found on site, we’ll ensure your home is wasp or hornet free for the price quoted. 
Call now: 07525 850347 
Areas covered: Reading, Caversham, Wokingham, Shinfield, Newbury and throughout Berkshire 
Wasp nest control Reading
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