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Rat control for Reading
Is there a rat in your kitchen? 
There are over 15 million rats estimated to be living in domestic households throughout the UK. Reading is a densely populated town with a number of older terraced properties and a major river running through it; these factors all contribute to a large, thriving rodent population. 
Rats can breed throughout the year and a pair of rats are capable of producing up to 200 offspring in a single year. Rats can cause a significant amount of damage to your home if left untreated, their teeth never stop growing so they need to source durable materials to gnaw in order to wear them down. If you live in Reading and require help bringing a rodent infestation under control, don't hesitate to give us a call. 
Rats only need a hole around the size of a 50 pence coin to gain entry to a property, they will commonly find loose bricks, airbricks, faulty drains and other voids through which they can access your home.  
Rats can carry many diseases including Salmonella and Weil’s disease which is why removing rats from any environment is critical, especially around homes and businesses. All rodents damage foodstuffs and stored goods leading to thousands of pounds of unnecessary damage, we at Abbey Pest Control provide professional pest control monitoring to avoid these costs. 
At Abbey Pest Control we will visit your home or business and carry out an assessment to determine possible entry points. We use tracking dust to analyse their movements and favoured routes and will then create a treatment plan to help eliminate them. At Abbey Pest Control we specialise in managing rodent problems effectively, our proofing solutions are key to reducing the likelihood of re-infestation. 
As part of the price we will carry out the necessary proofing works to seal any voids and provide advice to assist you in protecting your home against rat problems. 
We offer local, professional pest control from a family-run business - focused around your needs as the customer. 
Rat eradication

If you have a problem with rats in Reading, Newbury and throughout Berkshire we can provide you with a cost-effective solution. 

We are experts in controlling rats with over seven years of experience within the pest control industry.  
Our philosophy for managing rodent infestations follows the fundamentals of Integrated Pest Management - we trap, we seal and we only use poison as a last resort. This helps to minimise the impact on the environment and help to prevent resistance to poisons. 
If you have an external rat problem we will look at the surrounding areas of your home and determine any changes that are needed to help control the rodent population. We will also install bait stations to eliminate the rats living in the area at the time.  
If you have an internal rat problem, we will investigate your property thoroughly to identify any rats living within the property and will use a combination of traps, baits and proofing to remove the rats within your home. Our treatments aren't capped at a certain amount of visits; we'll assist you until we are sure you are rodent-free. 
If you have a problem with rats, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control. 
Covering: Reading, Tilehurst, Caversham, Wokingham, Shinfield, Woodley, Newbury, Chieveley, Thatcham and surrounding areas. Our price includes a full survey, written report, all labour and materials. All of our operatives are fully trained, experienced members of the NPTA and we have comprehensive public liability insurance. 
Call now: 07525 850347 
Areas covered: Reading, Caversham, Wokingham, Shinfield, Newbury and surrounding areas of Berkshire 
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