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Wasps - Wokingham Called out to deal with wasps in the store room of a carpet shop in Wokingham. Mike quickly found a small nest, no larger than a tennis ball, rolled up within a rug. A quick puff of FICAM D into the nest and 20 mins later our customer was wasp free. 

Thank you for a very professional and swift response at a very fair price. I discovered the wasps nest being built at the back of my shop yesterday so phoned this morning and hey presto, by 2.30 today my problem is solved and I am able to exit the back door again! - Nick Manson - Wokingham  

Rats - Reading Rats were gaining entry through a broken air vent, with a 4 week program of trapping we managed to rid the property of rats. Mike then carried out proofing works on the broken vent to ensure that rodents would be unable to gain access in future. 

Very impressed with the service, from call through to the visit. The technician that came out was friendly and reliable. His extensive knowledge on our pest problem and how to deal with it was very reassuring. Would highly recommend! - Karen Green, Reading - via Google review 

Moths - Caversham, Reading Several rooms in the property had evidence of moth larvae activity. We tracked the infestation through the property to find the source which transpired to be in the airing cupboard.  

We were at wits end with a carpet moth infestation when we found Mikes services. It was not an easy job to sort out as we had small pets which meant we were concerned about using chemical treatments in the house. Mikes approachable, knowledgeable and professional service really put us at ease and the problem was solved quickly before too much damage was done. We were also very pleasantly surprised at the price! (another factor why we had delayed seeking professional help for so long to the detriment of our carpets) - John Hissey - Caversham - via Google review 

Mice - Caversham, Reading After a survey of the property, Mike found a gap under the garage door through which mice were then able to gain entry to the hallway. Following a 3-4 week program of trapping and proofing all entry points, Mike managed to eradicate the issue and made sure no repeat infestations could take place. 

Really impressed with the service offered by Mike. Same day service-within 4 hours. Very knowledgeable. Spent time assessing indoors and out for entry points, then sealed them, all for a one off fee. Very reasonable. Came back every few days to check on progress. Would definitely recommend ! - Mrs OSullivan - Caversham 

Wasps - Tilehurst, Reading We received a call to assist with wasps in a rear garden in Tilehurst, Reading. The wasps were nesting in a hole in the ground, however once on site another nest was discovered underneath a roof tile and treated as part of the original price. 

Wasps nest in a hole in the garden needed sorting. Mike came out to deal with it when he said he would the next morning, and - for no extra money - dealt with another nest I'd just noticed under a tile in the roof. Good value too. - Chris Atkins - Tilehurst - via Facebook 

Rats in Tilehurst, Reading We were contacted about noises in the loft of a semi-detached cottage in Tilehurst. After a survey of both the property and neighbouring property we managed to track the source of the problem to a summer house in the garden; this was baited and trapped and checked on a regular basis, proofing was then done across both properties to stop any further entry. 

These guys were so good. Not only did they turn up the day I called, but they dealt with everything expertly, but then came back and back for weeks afterwards, to continue checking the traps and they didn’t stop until it was done! A huge commitment from them and as such, brilliant value for money 
Really good service. I couldn’t be more pleased. - Natasha Cleeve, Tilehurst - Via Facebook 

Wasps - Lower Earley, Reading Wasps were entering via the facia and soffit above a bedroom window, as it was the childs bedroom window we stayed on site until the nest was eradicated completely to make sure everyone including the child were safe. 

Fantastic, speedy and caring service from Mike. Thanks for sorting out the wasps. 
Great service, would highly recommend. Sarah Quennell - Lower Earley - via Facebook 

Rats - Shinfield, Reading We were called out to assist a customer hearing noises in their loft, we surveyed the property using tracking dust until we found the entry point under the rear door. We used temporary proofing and rodent traps until we were sure this was the main entry point, once confirmed we sealed the hole to prevent any further infestations. 

Great service 
Came on time and problem all solved 
Thank you so much - Sharon Elizabeth Allen, Shinfield - via Facebook 

Wasps - Tilehurst, Reading Wasps were found to be entering under a tile above a downstairs window, after a quick dusting inside the entry point Mike waited to make sure it had taken effect. Within half an hour the activity had died down and by the next day the nest was completely eradicated.  

Contacted Mike on Sunday within an hour he had phoned me, he arranged to deal with the wasp nest at my house the following day. 
I’m very happy to say that since he treated the wasps that they have all gone, but he does include a guarantee if there are any issues. 
Can highly recommend Mike, very polite quick to come out and very good price too. - Karen Hill, Tilehurst - via Facebook 

Wasps, Camberley Wasps were entering at the rear of the house through a ground floor facia and soffit and were extremely active so great care was taken while treating; within 24 hours the wasps were all gone.  

Came out quickly to deal with our very busy wasp nest. Polite and professional, wore the 'bee keeper's suit' and put some powder into to eaves. Returning wasps are taking powder into the nest and Mike says they should be all clear in the next 3 or 4 days, if not call and he will return FOC. Will update this feedback in a couple of days. Quick update - Day 2 after the treatment - no sign of any wasps at all. Seems to have been successful. - Cherie Whitby, Reading 

Rats, Reading On this job we had rats in and around a bin area, bin area was secure except for one hole leading inside, 1 of the bins was also missing a drainage cap allowing rats entry into the bins, replacing the cap and sealing the hole stopped the rats gaining entry into the bin and bin area, we also trapped around the bin store to rid the population of rats. 

“Service was exceptional, really good in the way you know Mike wasn’t there to take money for work that wasn’t needed as I have experienced in the past. Service and advice was 100% and couldn’t fault in any way and most importantly The problem has been resolved. I would highly recommend Abbey Pest Control for a friendly service and so knowledgeable to correct any pest problem you may have. Thank you Mike be assured I will call you if needed again!” - Checkatrade Customer - Reading 

Wasps, Caversham, Reading This was a very early stage nest found within the customers loft, only found a small nest a bit bigger than a golf ball, simple aerosol spray straight to the nest and a fogging cleared the loft of any further activity. 

Fledgling wasp nest treated. 
“Mike responded quickly to our request for a visit. He turned up ahead of schedule, quickly established what needed doing and fumigated the loft where the queen wasp was building a small nest which of course over the summer would've become a lot bigger. He guaranteed that if the wasps returned he'd come back and treat the area again. Mike was very knowledgeable about wasps and their behaviour, giving us a reassurance and reason to trust. He was cheerful, professional and reasonably priced.” - Checkatrade Customer - Caversham 

Squirrels, Earley Squirrels had gained entry into a corner of the roof by chewing under some roof tiles, several traps were set within the loft and over 3 - 4 days we removed all the squrriels and proofed the hole with a thick wire mesh to prevent further entry. 

Removed squirrels from loft. 
“Took approx. 1 week to remove the squirrels but left traps for a further 2 weeks to ensure no return. Very thorough, repaired point of entry. Always arrived promptly as arranged.” - Checkatrade Customer - Reading 

Wasps, Reading Early stage wasp nests treated within a loft in Reading, there were 6 nests in total within the loft however only 3 of them were active, they were treated with an aerosol spray then removed and then the loft was fogged. 

Queen wasp fogging. 
“Very impressed by Mike’s professional approach and knowledge of Wasps. Thankfully the issue has been resolved before we ended up with a hive!! Already recommended Mike to my cousin for wasp treatment.” - Checkatrade Customer - Reading 

Rats, Reading Rats were gaining entry under a fence in the bottom corner of the garden they were coming in under a concrete plinth then gaining entry under a shed, bait was positioned in these locations as well as in a compost near by as the rats were feeding from it, once the rats were eradicated the hole under the fence was sealed. 

Control rat in garden 
“Mike is very good at his job. He explained the options and we agreed a 4 week plan to remove the rat. He kept me informed and provided updates each week. The rat is now gone and the access route has been closed off. It was an easy process for me and I would happily recommend Abbey Pest Control to anyone else. Thank you to Mike.” - Checkatrade Customer - Reading 

Rats, Arborfield, Reading Fairly straight forward riddance, survey of the property found a damaged airbrick behind a thick bush at the front of the property, traps were set in active areas around the house, after clearing the house of rats the airbrick was repaired to prevent further investation. 

Pest control and eradication 
“Can’t recommend highly enough. Very obviously knows his stuff and works hard to deliver. On his first visit surveyed the property and formulated a plan to tackle the problem. From there let’s you know what he’s s doing, why he’s doing it and what results to expect and keeps thing neat and tidy. Really nice guy who really cares and delivering an excellent job and great customer service.” - Checkatrade Customer - Arborfield, Reading 

Moles, Mortimer, Reading Moles infesting a garden in mortimer, was during moles mating season so a total of 3 moles were removed from the property over a 3 week period, 2 within the first week then more activity started over the 2nd week catching the 3rd and final mole in week 3 

Mole catching. Two caught following 1st visit, final mole on the 29th. 
“Mike Cook provided excellent service, it required several visits, but problem solved. Courteous, prompt and reliable. Cannot recommend highly enough.” - Checkatrade Customer - Reading 


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