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Squirrel Control Reading
Squirrels causing a problem in your home or garden? 
Unlike the endangered red squirrel, grey squirrels are a non-native and invasive species and are prevalent throughout Reading and Berkshire. 
They are mostly herbivorous but will also eat birds eggs and hatchlings if food is scarce. It is a criminal offence to release a grey squirrel back into the wild; at Abbey pest control we try hard to find the most humane solution to protect your home. 
Grey squirrels can be a destructive and unwelcome guest if they find a way into your home and can cause significant damage to a property if left untreated. Grey squirrels have 2 breeding seasons each year and these are the times when a nice, insulated loft space looks very inviting to a squirrel. 

At Abbey Pest Control we will visit your home or business and carry out an assessment to determine possible entry points. 

We can use traps to catch them if they are nesting in your home and will carry out remedial proofing works to seal off any access points to reduce the likelihood of further infestations and unwelcome visitors. 
Squirrel Control Reading
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