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Over the past week we have dealt with a variety of pests around Reading including Tilehurst, Caversham and Woodley. We started the week by checking up on a couple of ongoing rat jobs to ensure they were progressing as planned. We installed temporary proofing at one home, this will be replaced with a permanent proofing solution once we have confirmed this is the entry point. 
Rats in Caversham Reading
We also monitored the rodent activity at one of our Caversham jobs, as this job is nearing completion we will be installing permanent proofing to close the job down next week as the occupants have been rodent-free for several weeks. 
The remainder of the week has been busy with plenty of large wasp and hornet nests to deal with across Reading. At this time of year wasps will start to become more aggressive as the workers abandon the nests in search of food. 
Our final jobs saw us visiting Thatcham and Arborfield to close down two mole treatments, in these cases we were fortunate to catch both moles. We offer a no catch, no fee service on all mole treatments and as both tunnels were at the surface of the lawn these can be more problematic to treat. 
If you have a problem with any pest don’t hesitate to call us on 07525 850347 
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