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Wasp nest removal in Wokingham

Wasp nest removal in Wokingham 

Here at Abbey Pest Control we offer wasp nest treatments in and around the Wokingham area, we are fully trained, fully insured and are members of the NPTA. 
Wasps will start to emerge as early as mid-spring however these are usually just the queens, once emerged from hibernation the queen wasp will start looking for a suitable nesting site which can be in the sheds and loft spaces of Wokingham, queen wasps will build their nest in a wide range of locations, we have found wasp nest in BBQs, patio heaters, motorcycle helmets and even if a children’s toy oven. 
Wasps are an aggressive insect with the ability to offer up a rather nasty sting which in some extreme cases can be fatal which is why ridding yourself of a wasp nest should be done as soon as you discover you have one and why you should always seek the help of a fully trained pest professional to deal with any wasp nest you may find. 
We offer same day call outs when possible to deal with wasp nests in Wokingham and will make sure we deal with any wasp nest quickly and safely using correct PPE and using licenced insecticide to tackle the nest. 
If you have a wasp nest in Wokingham contact us now 
Call: 07525 850347 
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