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wasp nest removal in Basingstoke

Wasp nest removal in Basingstoke 

Do you have a wasp nest in Basingstoke? 
The warmer months of the year unfortunately bring out the wasps in Basingstoke and Hampshire. Queen wasps will come out of hibernation in early spring and will start looking for somewhere to set up their nests, once a suitable location is found they will begin building the nest. 
A recently formed wasp nest will be around the size of a golf ball and may go unnoticed for several weeks, however they quickly grow in size and the number of wasps they house will increase with the size of the nest. By the end of a wasp season, wasp nests can house thousands of wasps all equipped to give a nasty sting which in extreme cases can be fatal. 
If you have a problem with a wasp nest in Basingstoke contact us today; as a small family-run business, we will strive to be with you within 24 hours of receiving your call and we can carry out a fully guaranteed treatment for £40. 
We are RSPH level 2 qualified and trained and licensed in the use of insecticides. We hold comprehensive £5m public liability insurance and are registered members of the NPTA. 
Call: 07525 850347 
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