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Rats in Shinfield

Rat Removal in Shinfield 

Rat infestation in Shinfield? 
When it comes to dealing with rats, we know that ever treatment is different we don’t turn up and throw poison at an issue for a quick fix, all of our rat treatments start the same way with a survey of your unique issue to help us determine the best course of action which in turn helps us tailor the job to your specific infestation. 
We will always trap internally to limit the chance of anything dying in a location that we can’t reach which in turn can come with its own issues, smell, flies etc and finally we will always look to limit the chances of another infestation happening by finding and sealing any entry points weather this be from a defect in the building itself i.e. missing brick work/broken air bricks or a fault with the drains needing a non-return valve. 
Rats are definitely a common problem with in the Shinfield area with the growing number of developments popping up on previous green spaces pushing rats out of nesting sites and into the surround area causing them to look for new homes which can be in your home or garden, we have seen this first hand treating properties for rats around Shinfield and a lot of them being close to or even right next to the housing developments and even being called to deal with problems in the developments themselves. 
Being surrounded by green spaces Shinfield is likely to have reoccurring rat issues not only with the developments pushing them out of their nesting site but also naturally as well as nature taking its course will see rat populations in the wild growing and forcing them to look for food and harbourage bringing them closer to homes in Shinfield. 
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