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Rat Control In Wokingham 

Rat problem in Wokingham? 
Rats are becoming more and more of a problem not only in Wokingham but throughout the UK, we are now dealing with rats all year round gaining entry into people’s property as the rat population in the UK and the rat popualtion in Wokingham continues to thrive and they seek out food and nesting sites. 
When it comes to rats in a property the key to any successful treatment is a good survey; from the survey we can determine entry points, pathways taken by the rat and possible food sources, with all this information we can put together a treatment plan ending in the infestation being eradicated and the entry points sealed up. 
Here at Abbey Pest Control we won’t just throw poison at a rat infestation, it’s a short term solution to what could become a long running issue, we use motion cameras, UV tracking dust and traps to deal with infestations, using traps also ensures you don’t have a rat die somewhere in the house that could cause even further issues with a horrendous smell and maggots and flies. 
Rats are incredibly smart and agile creatures and are able to gain access to a property from some of the most unexpected spaces, as part of our treatment price we include proofing as standard to ensure these voids and entry points are no longer accessible. 
So if you have Rats in your property in Wokingham contacts us now on the details below. 
Call: 07525 850347 
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