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Pest Control in Wokingham 

What can we do to help with your pest control needs in Wokingham 

Here at Abbey Pest Control we cover both the domestic and commercial sides of pest control with tailor made treatments to suit your needs. 
If you have a pest control issue within the Wokingham area, whether it be in your home or at your business address we can offer treatments to cover your specific needs. We can assist with all types of pests, from a wasp nest in your loft, mice running around a warehouse, moles digging up your lawn or rats living under your shed.  
No infestation is too big or complex, many of our customers have experienced pest problems for years before contacting us and our approach is different as we try to find a long-term solution to the cause of the problem. 
All of our staff are fully qualified NPTA members and we ensure they undertake regular training to keep up to date with changes in legislation. We also hold public liability insurance in excess of £2million. 

Mole catching in Wokingham 

Moles can be a very destructive creature, they can create several mole hills over a very short period of time as they create thier tunnel system while looking for food and creating themselves a home, moles can burrow up to 100 meters per night in search of food. 
When it comes to dealing with moles, we survey the site to locate their extensive network of tunnels and, with a few well-placed traps, we then wait for the mole to go out in search of food. The average mole will feed every 4 hours, day and night, and we are usually successul in catching the mole within the first 24 hours. 
Moles are solitary for most of the year, only meeting up to mate and then look after their young. The mating season begins around February, moles dislike weather extremes so will usually be more active in the late spring and autumn months. 
Moles can usually pop up anywhere and everywhere with Wokingham being no exception, moles are very rarely seen due to them spending most of their lives underground but you’ll know when you have one once the mole hills start popping up. 
Moles Wokingham
Wasp nest wokingham

Wasps and wasps nest in Wokingham 

Wasps embody the term pest fairly well, they start to emerge around spring time when the queen wasp will come out of hibernation and start to build her nest and raise her drones, they can go unnoticed for some time becoming some what of a shock when stumbled across as the size of their nest can be significant by this time. 
We have several different species of wasp here in the UK and unfortunately for us they can all get quite aggressive and are well equipped to deliver a nasty sting, not only do they pose the ability to sting they can also sting repeatedly, this process also releases a pheromone alerting all other wasps to attack. 
Wasp stings can cause a burning pain normally alongside inflammation and redness around the site of the sting. The venom contains toxins that can cause a severe reaction including but not limited to difficulty breathing, palpitations and even unconsciousness. 
When it comes to treating wasp nests, we make sure we protect ourselves by wearing appropriate PPE to carry out the treatment safely but also to survey the site to establish our best course of getting to and treating the wasp nest. 
All of our wasp nest treatments are fully guaranteed so if any problems arise from a nest not fully dying of after a treatment we will happily return at no extra cost to re-treat the nest, we also aim to be with you within 24 hours and will treat multiple wasp nests at no extra charge. 
If you have a wasp nest in Wokingham always call out a professional to deal with it, we are NPTA registed and licensed to use approved poisons and insecticides. We also carry public liability insurance and can treat the nest safely with no risk to you or other members of the public. 

Rat Control in Wokingham  

Rats are becoming more and more of a problem not only in Wokingham but throughout the UK, we are now dealing with rats all year round gaining entry into people’s property as the rat population in the UK continues to thrive and they seek out food and nesting sites. 
When it comes to rats in a property the key to any successful treatment is a good survey; from the survey we can determine entry points, pathways taken by the rat and possible food sources, with all this information we can put together a treatment plan ending in the infestation being eradicated and the entry points sealed up. 
Here at Abbey Pest Control we won’t just throw poison at a rat infestation, it’s a short term solution to what could become a long running issue, we use motion cameras, UV tracking dust and traps to deal with infestations, using traps also ensures you don’t have a rat die somewhere in the house that could cause even further issues with a horrendous smell and maggots and flies. 
Rats are incredibly smart and agile creatures and are able to gain access to a property from some of the most unexpected spaces, as part of our treatment price we include proofing as standard to ensure these voids and entry points are no longer accessible. 
Mice in Wokingham

Mouse Control In Wokingham 

Mice are a pest that can gain entry to your home or work place with ease, squeezing through the smallest of holes that your little finger would just about fit into. Mice will go straight to work looking for food happily chewing through into pasta bags, cereal boxes and whatever they can get their little teeth into, sometimes even chewing into things which don’t contain food. 
Unlike rats that will use a designated spot to urinate and defecate, mice will do their business whilst on the move which helps to spread disease and bacteria throughout your home or business and is an environmental and public health concern. It is important to address an internal mouse infestation early on before the population expands and poses a serious threat to your health. 
It can be a fairly straight forward task to rid a premises of mice as they are what is known as sporadic feeders, meaning they will find food and eat food. Due to this trapping mice is the best course of action and, as with all our rodent jobs, we will find and seal any entry points and discuss with you the best course of action to limit possible infestations happen in the future. 

Flea Control in Wokingham  

Fleas have the ability to infest a home or business with ease, especially if those homes that have pets, keeping cats and dogs up to date on their flea treatments is of course a great way to minimise the chance of a flea outbreak however unfortunately they can happen and that’s where we at Abbey Pest Control come in. 
Due to a shift in weather patterns with hotter summers and milder winters fleas are thriving in the Reading and Wokingham areas cats and dogs can pick them up from and external sources and bring them in and if the pet is untreated the fleas can flourish. 
Tackling a flea infestation is something that should be carried out by a professional as we not only have the access to the right chemicals for the job we also have the knowledge to do the treatment safely, we carry out spray treatments for fleas using what’s known as a residual spray, is has a long residuel lifespan staying active on treated surfaces for several weeks. 
We have a few pre treatment essentials that need to be carried out which can be found on our flea page which we will link below 
Fleas in Wokingham
Cockroaches in Wokingham

Cockroach Control In Wokingham 

Cockroaches are never a nice thing to find whether that be at home or at work, especially in a commercial business such as a restaurant, pub or take away. Cockroaches are unfortunately quite a common pest here in Wokingham and the UK and can be easily bought in to a home or business with out even knowing you are doing so, cockroaches will attach their eggs or ootheca to a surface making you an unwitting carrier. 
The eggs themselves can carry up to 20 cockroach nymphs so an infestation can happen at a very fast rate with very minimal activity leading up to it. Once hatched the cockroaches will seek a food source and can spread out through an entire premises in a short space of time, in a block of flats they've been known to infest multiple apartments within the same block. They can usually be found around food preparation areas like kitchens as well as in food storage areas. 
We use gels and traps to effectively eliminate any cockroach issue you may have; this is done over a couple of visits but is very effective and we can clear even the heaviest infestation you may have. 

Moth Control in Wokingham 

Clothes moths and carpet moths are a problem for anyone with wool or fur; extremely common late summer through the autumn the adult moths actually don't harm our belongings its their larvae. These small worm like insects eat away at the protein found within the wool and fur - these are Mother Natures' binmen eating the bits no-one else wants to eat. 
These moths like dark places unlike the usual moths that are seen flying around streetlights; move furniture and look for bald spots in the carpets - that's the work of the moth larvae. You may also see small paper like cocoons which they spin to shelter in. 
Moth treatments are carried out in a similar manner to the flea treatments, we will spray your carpets with a residual pesticide that lasts for around four to six weeks, during that time please don't vacuum the flooring as this breaks down the surface treatment. 
Woolen clothing can be frozen to kill off the larvae and then its best to store in an airtight bag or container. 
Moth control in Wokingham
Squirrels in Wokingham

Squirrel Control in Wokingham 

Grey squirrels are quite possible one of the most destructive pests we come across here at Abbey Pest Control not only will they quite happily chew through cables and tear up insulation in a loft space but they will also make an entry point into that loft by chewing a hole usually through a facia board weather that be wooden or plastic. 
Like all other rodents they will make quite a lot of noise but unlike mice and rats you will usually hear this during the day or late evening early morning they also leave droppings all over the area they are inhabiting like mice and rats. 
When it comes to dealing with squirrels we use humane traps placed in the area of the loft in which the squirrels have made their nest usually near the entry point once we have cleared your squirrel infestation we will seal up any and all entry points we find to limit the chances of a further infestation occurring, squirrel infestation are a very common occurrence around the Wokingham area so we are ready to help with an squirrel problem you may have. 

Can we assist you with Environmental Health and Council inspections? 

It is recommended that any businesses involved in the preparation of food has a monitoring contract in place. 
We will support you by providing regular reports and written documentation to satisfy the requirements of the Food Safety Act, we will assist you in developing a safe system of work which encourages best practice and complies with Health and Safety recommendations. 

What pests can we offer commercial contracts for? 

At Abbey Pest Control Reading we will assess the risks posed to your business and create a bespoke Pest Management Plan to provide you the most appropriate protection. 
We can install and service electric fly killers, install bait stations to minimise the likelihood of rats or mice infesting your premises and install insect monitors to manage cockroach and ant infestations. 
If you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control Reading. 
Covering: Reading, Tilehurst, Caversham, Wokingham, Shinfield, Arborfield, Woodley, Earley, Newbury, Chieveley, Thatcham, Basingstoke, Hook, Camberley and surrounding areas. Our price includes a full survey, written report, all labour and materials. All of our operatives are fully trained, experienced members of the NPTA and we have comprehensive public liability insurance. 


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