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Pest Control in Shinfield 

What can we offer you for pest control in Shinfield? 

At Abbey Pest Control Reading we offer our Commercial customers cost-effective commercial monitoring to suit their business needs. 
We will ensure any existing infestations are eliminated before creating a bespoke plan to monitor the business on an ongoing basis, we will also look at potential proofing options to ensure your business has the most effective protection. 
Whether you have a small corner shop in Reading or you run a large delux hotel in Windsor we provide a complete pest control service that deals with not just the pest control monitoring but we provide the full range of pest control services such as rabbit culling, bird prevention and barrier installation, bed bug treatments and mole catching from lawns to agricultural land. 
All of our staff are fully qualified NPTA members and we ensure they undertake regular training to keep up to date with changes in legislation. We also hold public liability insurance in excess of £2million. 

Rat catching in Shinfield  

When it comes to dealing with rats, we know that ever treatment is different we don’t turn up and throw poison at an issue for a quick fix, all of our rat treatments start the same way with a survey of your unique issue to help us determine the best course of action which in turn helps us tailor the job to your specific infestation, we will always trap internally to limit the chance of anything dying in a location that we can’t reach which in turn can come with its own issues, smell, flies etc and finally we will always look to limit the chances of another infestation happening by finding and sealing any entry points weather this be from a defect in the building itself i.e. missing brick work/broken air bricks or a fault with the drains needing a non-return valve. 
Rats are definitely a common problem with in the Shinfield area with the growing number of developments popping up on previous green spaces pushing rats out of nesting sites and into the surround area causing them to look for new homes which can be in your home or garden, we have seen this first hand treating properties for rats around Shinfield and a lot of them being close to or even right next to the housing developments and even being called to deal with problems in the developments themselves. 
Being surrounded by green spaces Shinfield is likely to have reoccurring rat issues not only with the developments pushing them out of their nesting site but also naturally as well as nature taking its course will see rat populations in the wild growing and forcing them to look for food and harbourage bringing them closer to homes in Shinfield. 
Rat treatments in Shinfield
Mole treatments in Shinfield

Mole Catching In Shinfield 

Moles will be another pest that will be affected by the rise in developments around Shinfield, feeding and nesting sites will be cleared which can move them towards the homes and more devastatingly the gardens of Shinfield, moles create complex tunnel systems underground and by doing this expel excess soil out of the ground creating mound of soil or mole hills. 
Moles mating season is in the spring time and this is when you are likely to see a big spike in activity however moles can become an issue all year round apart from this mating season moles are solitary animals so will normally be only 1 mole causing what can be quite a bit of damage, moles will be on the hunt for food at all times needed quite a large amount to continue on their daily routine usually consisting of 4 hour bursts. 
Moles can pop up anywhere they choose which can be devastating for a home or business owner, we run a no catch no fee service on all our mole treatments and will be out within 24 hours to set the traps, usually moles can be caught with in a 48 window so getting us out as soon as possible can limit the amount of damage the mole will cause. 

Mouse Control in Shinfield  

Not only can rats be a big problem but mice can be an issue in places like Shinfield, having the perfect living conditions surrounding Shinfield itself mice can thrive and multiply at an alarming rate mice can have between 3 – 14 young with every litter and can have litters 5 – 10 times a year so you can see how an untreated mouse problem could become out of control very quickly. 
When it comes to dealing with mice or indeed any rodents in rural areas poison should never be a first course of action, rodents in these areas will have a high number of predators, these will usually be birds of prey, if one of these predators consumes a poisoned rodent the rodenticide will also be consumed contained in the rodent, this is a term known as secondary poisoning and it’s something we strive to never do. 
Trapping mice is a very effective way of removing them from a property, mice are always on the look out for food and won’t hesitate to feast on anything they find, with the surveys we carry out at Abbey Pest Control we will find the best places to set up these traps by looking at all the evidence to run the most successful treatment we can. 
Mice carry diseases just like rats do; 
Mouse treatments in Shinfield
Flea treatments in Shinfield

Flea Control In Shinfield 

Fleas have the ability to infest a home or business with ease, especially if those homes have pets, keeping cats and dogs up to date on their flea treatments is of course a great way to minimise the chance of a flea outbreak however unfortunately they can happen and that’s where we at Abbey Pest Control come in. 
Due to a shift in weather patterns with hotter summers and milder winters fleas are thriving in the Reading and Wokingham areas and Shinfield is no different, cats and dogs can pick them up from and external sources especially in the warmer months and in over grown grassy areas your pet can bring them in and if untreated the fleas can flourish. 
Tackling a flea infestation is something that should be carried out by a professional as we not only have the access to the right chemicals for the job we also have the knowledge to do the treatment safely, we carry out spray treatments for fleas using what’s known as a residual spray, it has a long residue lifespan staying active on treated surfaces for several weeks. 
We have a few pre treatment essentials that need to be carried out which can be found on our flea page which we will link below 
The RSPCA also have a guide on how to get rid of fleas on your pets and this can be found on: 

Cockroach Control in Shinfield  

Definitely a pest to make you go yuck! Cockroaches are more common than you would think; easily carried home from a cash and carry premise we often visit domestic premises to carry out cockroach exterminations in Tilehurst. The cockroach carries its egg's in a leathery case called an ootheca, occasionally they will glue this to something for safe keeping, if that is inside a crate or packaging then modern trade means items packed abroad are on the table at home within days .... and so are the cockroaches. 
Each ootheca contains upwards from a dozen to over twenty little cockroach nymphs - that's a whole infestation ready to go, we see the requirement for treatments where people bring food in from overseas, purchase second hand kitchen equipment and even sofas. 
Cockroaches will spread out looking for food and so they can end up just about anywhere in the house and in household goods. We treat cockroaches will poison gels and sprays to eliminate them; you will need more than one treatment and we use special traps to map out the spread and population size. 
Don't try over the counter products for cockroaches; their presence can make people ill as they spread disease: we have three different species that are regarded as pests in the UK. The German, American and Oriental Cockroach are all found as pests. 
The World Health Organistion regard cockroaches as unhygienic - read more with this link. 
Cockroach treatments in Shinfield
Squirrel treatments in Shinfield

Squirrel Control In Shinfield 

The grey squirrel is one animal that many people don't see as a pest - if you've had squirrels in the loft then you'll know how destructive they are. First they'll gnaw through the wood or plastic fascia to get into the space, once in there all the insulation gets ripped up to build their nest and they won't stop at insulation; any soft items like clothing can get torn up as well. 
Like all rodents squirrels will defecate in the loft; urine and feaces litter the area and with two breeding seasons each year, young female squirrels may also set up to have their broods in the same building. All this activity means noise and although largely active during the day, squirrels will move around at night keeping the human occupants awake. 
With now real predators in the UK these north American visitors create havoc; they will feed on young saplings stripping the bark of to get at the sugar beneath causing thousands of pounds of damage to forestry, they also predate our native song birds - eating the egg's and chicks. 
Here at Abbey Pest Control we use humane traps to control squirrels and because of IPM we will identify the access point and seal that up after we've eradicated them. 
Click here for more information on squirrels from the RHS. 

Moth Control in Shinfield  

Clothes moths and carpet moths are a problem for anyone with wool or fur; extremely common late summer through the autumn the adult moths actually don't harm our belongings its their larvae. These small worm like insects eat away at the protein found within the wool and fur - these are Mother Natures' binmen eating the bits no-one else wants to eat. 
These moths like dark places unlike the usual moths that are seen flying around streetlights; move furniture and look for bald spots in the carpets - that's the work of the moth larvae. You may also see small paper like cocoons which they spin to shelter in. 
Moth treatments are carried out in a similar manner to the flea treatments, we will spray your carpets with a residual pesticide that lasts for around four to six weeks, during that time please don't vacuum the flooring as this breaks down the surface treatment. 
Woolen clothing can be frozen to kill off the larvae and then its best to store in an airtight bag or container. 
Moth treatments in Shinfield
Wasp nest treatments in Shinfield

Wasp Control In Shinfield 

Wasps will usually start making themselves known in late spring but will mainly become an issue in the summer and can ruin many outdoor activity, queen wasps will start to find places to start building their nests in the spring and before long the drones will be out collecting food for her and the newly hatched larvae, wasp are aggressive by nature so can deliver a sting at a moment’s notice which is why we would always recommend calling out a profession to deal with any wasp nests you may find. 
Toxins in a wasp sting can lead to anything from a small itchy red bump to actually leaving the recipient of the sting unconscious another reason why wasps nest should be left well alone if you don’t have the right equipment to deal with a wasp nest safely. 
Not only can wasps be major problem for pubs, bars and restaurants especially those with outdoor seating areas but wasps will also nest in homes, gardens and sheds which will cause concern for home owners, wasp nests can grow in size in a very short space of time reaching hundreds in numbers very quickly so are best dealt with as soon as possible by a professional, as mentioned before one sting has the potential to have serious consequences. 
Click here for a guide to help you identify any wasps - if you dare! 

Can we assist you with Environmental Health and Council inspections? 

It is recommended that any businesses involved in the preparation of food has a monitoring contract in place. 
We will support you by providing regular reports and written documentation to satisfy the requirements of the Food Safety Act, we will assist you in developing a safe system of work which encourages best practice and complies with Health and Safety recommendations. 

What pests can we offer commercial contracts for? 

At Abbey Pest Control Reading we will assess the risks posed to your business and create a bespoke Pest Management Plan to provide you the most appropriate protection. 
We can install and service electric fly killers, install bait stations to minimise the likelihood of rats or mice infesting your premises and install insect monitors to manage cockroach and ant infestations. 
If you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control Reading. 
Covering: Reading, Tilehurst, Caversham, Wokingham, Shinfield, Arborfield, Woodley, Earley, Newbury, Chieveley, Thatcham, Basingstoke, Hook, Camberley and surrounding areas. Our price includes a full survey, written report, all labour and materials. All of our operatives are fully trained, experienced members of the NPTA and we have comprehensive public liability insurance. 


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