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Pest Control in Chieveley 

Do you need help with a pest control issue in Chieveley? 

Here at Abbey Pest Control we cover all aspects of pest control, we deal with pests in built up towns and villages as well as rural locations such as Chieveley.  
The fields and woodland around rural locations can be home to plenty of pests including rats, mice, squirrels as well as moles and wasps. Pests can thrive in these locations all year round, particularly with the UK experiencing milder winters than ever before and the encroachment of humans and housing developments into their territory. 
All of our staff are fully qualified NPTA members and we ensure they undertake regular training to keep up to date with changes in legislation. We also hold public liability insurance in excess of £2million. 

Mouse Control in Chieveley  

Mice can be an issue in places like Chieveley having the perfect living conditions surrounding Chieveley village itself mice can thrive and multiply at an alarming rate mice can have between 3 – 14 young with every litter and can have litters 5 – 10 times a year so you can see how an untreated mouse problem could become out of control very quickly. 
When it comes to dealing with mice or indeed any rodents in rural areas poison should never be a first course of action, rodents in these areas will have a high number of predators, these will usually be birds of prey, if one of these predators consumes a poisoned rodent the rodenticide will also be consumed contained in the rodent, this is a term known as secondary poisoning and its something we strive to never do. 
Trapping mice is a very effective way of removing them from a property, mice are always on the look out for food and won’t hesitate to feast on anything they find, with the surveys we carry out at Abbey Pest Control we will find the best places to set up these traps by looking at all the evidence to run the most successful treatment we can. 
Mouse control Chieveley
Rats in Chieveley

Rat Control In Chieveley  

In rural areas such as Chieveley rats have the ability to flourish having all they need in fields and forests to nourish them and supply them with perfect nesting site, rats being natural burrowers will happily burrow into he ground along hedge rows and travel out foraging for food from these locations, during the warmer months you are likely to notice some rat activity around these areas and possibly even in your gardens. 
With the rats flourishing in such a way over the warmer months this will force them to spread out to find new nesting site around the area unfortunately this could very easily become your property, using multiple possible ways of gaining entry in to your home or work place can include broken or missing brick work, gap in airbricks and even climbing up external plant life to gain entry at a higher level. 
Once inside they will continue to forage for food sometimes even claiming your food as their own, usually rats will continue to come in and out of the property from their chosen entry point, which is why at Abbey Pest Control the entry point is one of the first things we look for so we can plan our treatment accordingly to eradicate your rat problem using traps and motion cameras. 

Grey Squirrel Control in Chieveley  

Grey squirrels like mice and rats will have a very successful time flourishing in a rural environment, not only will squirrels have multiple nesting sites over the course of their breeding season they can also have 2 litters a year producing 3-4 young at a time, squirrels will have no problem nesting within in trees however grey squirrels can also find their way in loft spaces and will happily construct themselves a nest from insulation. 
Although grey squirrels could be considered herbivores due to their diet of acorns, bird seed, etc they have also been known to predate birds they will usually go after the eggs and fledglings in this case, because of this fact this can be a way grey squirrels can find a way into your home or work places roof space, we have come across several instances where an obvious bird nest has been located right next to a squirrels entry point into a loft. 
Using humane traps specifically designed to catch grey squirrels we will rid your loft taking care to catch all of them before sealing up any and all entry points, grey squirrels will sometimes return if not caught and try to chew themselves a new entry point. 
Moles control Chieveley

Mole Catching in Chieveley  

If you’ve ever driven down a country lane and seen a row of small piles of dirt, whether you knew it or not you have been looking at mole hills, now being in these locations at the side of the road may not bother anyone however imagine those in your garden at home, mole are incredibly destructive creature, we have personally seen 30 mole hills in one small garden. 
These mole hills will be the result of the moles creating tunnels under the surface, they will do this while on the search for food but can also be when they are creating themselves a home, as you can imagine the bigger the space the more room for moles to move around, they are usually solitary creatures however once they have mated and have their young those young will then go out to forge their own territory which could become your garden especially in more rural locations like Chieveley. 
We use specific humane mole traps to remove the moles from your land or garden, no job to big or small, traps will be place under the ground by digging out a small section of turf with a marker to show where they are causing minimal disturbance as possible. 

Wasp and Wasp Nests In Chieveley  

Wasps during the summer are a very common occurrence through out the UK including areas like Chieveley, Queen wasps will come out of hibernation during the spring to find suitable site for her nest, these locations will not only be in and around your home but in rural areas wasps will also construct their nests in hedgerows, trees and even in the ground, if these wasp nests survive for a full season they have the potential to create a further 1000-1500 new queen wasps. 
Once these new queens have left the nest they will find a place to hibernate over the colder month, to start the process all over again the following year, now when you put that it to context technically if all those queens survive the colder months in hibernation that could be 1000-1500 new nests being produced and no where is that more likely than in rural locations. 
We have seen a rise in multiple wasps nests being found on a single property, here at Abbey Pest Control we have found a total of 16 at one single house in 2018, and last year we were finding at least 2 on every job in built up towns and villages where as in more remote locations we were finding an average of 5 nests, wasps can be a big problem due to their aggressive nature and ability to deliver a rather painful sting. 
Wasps in Chieveley
Bedbugs in Chieveley

Bed bug Control In Chieveley  

Just the mention of bed bugs has the ability to make most people itch and shudder, bed bugs are one of those pests that gets linked to dirty houses and dirty environments but that’s isn’t the case, bed bugs will infest anywhere they have a food source and unfortunately that location could be your bed and that food source could be you. 
When it comes to the reproduction of bed bugs the female can lay between 1- 5 eggs daily with a staggering total of up to 500 in their lifetime which is 4 – 6 months, these eggs will be laid within crevices and cracks around the bed and bedroom areas within these cracks and crevices is where the bed bugs themselves will hid away while they are not feeding, bed bugs are small shield shaped insects who appear flat until they feed, a good indication of bed bugs apart from the bites themselves would be what’s known as spotting around the area they are living in, these spots are bed bug dropping and are made up of excess blood that they need to excrete to fit back into their hiding place. 
Although bed bug infestations can take hold they are fairly straight forward when dealing with, it can be a long process but it’s a very effective one, here at Abbey Pest Control we carry out in depth spray treatments, we will spray all bedrooms in the property including the beds themselves taking apart the beds to make sure no space is left untouched, along with walls, floors and all furniture paying close attention to cracks and crevices. 

Flea Control in Chieveley  

Those who have pets know the nuisance of fleas more than anyone, a flea treatment for a cats and dogs are something that should be kept up to date on a regular basis, fleas have the ability to thrive in fields and grass lands which can make rural areas more likely to be hot spots for flea infestations, fleas can jump up to 7 inches or 18cm so jumping onto a passing dog while its out for a walk or on to a passing cat is something the flea can do with ease. 
Fleas have the ability to lay up to 50 eggs a day so an infestation can take hold extremely quickly, the eggs themselves will usually be laid on the cat or dog while the flea is feeding they will then drop off into your home usually with in the pets bedding but can be dropped on to carpet on cracks in or around the floor, depending on the environment flea eggs can take between 2 days to 2 weeks to hatch. 
Here at Abbey Pest Control we know all about fleas, we have a dog and a cat ourselves and we make sure we keep up to date with their fleas treatments especially with the dog as we take her for long walks in environments where fleas will be present, flea spray treatments we carry out are always very successful eradicating the flea problem within a 14 day period. 
Flea Control Chieveley
Moths in Chieveley

Moths Control In Chieveley 

There are 2 main types of moth that are considered to be a pest here in the UK they are the carpet moth and the clothes moth, these moths are responsible for any holes you may find in your clothes or any bald patches on your carpet or to be more precise their larva is, moths will lay their eggs in dark shielded areas away from any footfall or chance of being disturbed, the larvae mainly like to feed on keratin based items like wool and other natural fibres. 
These type of moth can lay hundreds of eggs in their life time which is only limited to 2 – 3 months, the larvae however can live up to 2 years in the colder months which is why some damage found can be quite significant and over a long period before pupating where as in the summer months they can pupate with only 2 months. 
Moth treatments like many of the insect treatments we carry out here at Abbey Pest Control are residue spray treatments, these will be mainly sprayed around the carpeted areas in the property making sure to get under all furniture and around the skirting boards and carpet edges, doing this will kill off any larvae that touches a treated surface, we will also spray the walls in some heavier infestations to take out any of the adults to try and limit the amount of eggs being laid. 

Can we assist you with Environmental Health and Council inspections? 

It is recommended that any businesses involved in the preparation of food has a monitoring contract in place. 
We will support you by providing regular reports and written documentation to satisfy the requirements of the Food Safety Act, we will assist you in developing a safe system of work which encourages best practice and complies with Health and Safety recommendations. 

What pests can we offer commercial contracts for? 

At Abbey Pest Control Reading we will assess the risks posed to your business and create a bespoke Pest Management Plan to provide you the most appropriate protection. 
We can install and service electric fly killers, install bait stations to minimise the likelihood of rats or mice infesting your premises and install insect monitors to manage cockroach and ant infestations. 
If you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control Reading. 
Covering: Reading, Tilehurst, Caversham, Wokingham, Shinfield, Arborfield, Woodley, Earley, Newbury, Chieveley, Thatcham, Basingstoke, Hook, Camberley and surrounding areas. Our price includes a full survey, written report, all labour and materials. All of our operatives are fully trained, experienced members of the NPTA and we have comprehensive public liability insurance. 


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