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Pest Control in Basingstoke 

What can we offer you for pest control in Basingstoke? 

At Abbey Pest Control we cover several areas around the Reading area as well as Basingstoke and some parts of Hampshire. We offer both domestic and commercial aspects of pest control, from rats in your kitchen to squirrels in your loft. 
On the commercial side of pest control we offer regular monitoring contracts to help you to protect your business and customers from any threat a pest may pose, from rodents to insects we will make sure your business is pest free with regular visit and reports. As a contract customer you will be issued with a folder and given a report after every visit giving you all the information you need to know. This will help to ensure your business remains compliant and will assist with any council inspections if food is stored and prepared on the premises. 

Rat catching in Basingstoke  

Rats are definitely one of our most common pest problems and we are seeing an increase in rat jobs from year to year. We have dealt with a number of rat jobs around Basingstoke over the years and this is likely to continue as further building works around the area disturbed the rodent population. Our rat treatments are all tailored to your specific problem, we carry out a survey at the start of every job to determine entry points, routes they are taking through your property and any possible food sources - this will give us all the information we need to carry out a successful riddance. 
With our rat treatments poison is always our last resort. We believe poison should never be used as the first approach to tackling any rodent issues including rats, it comes with many set backs including the rat dying somewhere it can’t be removed causing a horrendous smell and flies and maggots, as well as being a threat to non-target species from the poison itself or from a poison rodent being consumed by a non-target animal. Over the years rats have built up a resistance to rodenticide and are harder than ever to treat; the irresponsible use of poison exacerbates this issue and is often ineffective as studies show rats are increasingly resistant to the poison. 
We also take the same approach to treatments at residential addresses as we do to our commercial contracts, poison again is a last resort and when leaving down permanent bait boxes on sites these will either have traps included in them or a non-toxic bait that when regularly checked will give us indications if a possible riddance is needed. Treatments at our commercial contracts are rare as we proof up external entry points at the start of the contract, reducing the likelihood of future infestations. 
Rats in Basingstoke
Mole hills in Basingstoke

Mole Catching In Basingstoke 

Moles can be very destructive whilst building their tunnels, you will soon know if you have a mole making itself at home in your garden or on your land by the distincitve mounds of dirt suddenly sprouting out of the ground rightfully know as mole hills.  
Moles will feed on any insect that lives underground, grubs and worms are just a few and you will sometimes be able to see the tunnels coming very close to the surface. These surface tunnels are usually feeding tunnels, a well placed trap in the moles hunting ground can usually see results within 24 hours. If the feeding tunnels have collapsed you can position traps in the deeper tunnels that are still very effective if the traps are placed in the right position as the moles will move through these tunnels at a faster pace. 
Moles can pop up anywhere they choose which can be devastating for a home or business owner. We run a no-catch, no-fee service on all our mole treatments and will be out within 24 hours to set the traps, usually moles are caught within a 48-hour window so getting us out as soon as possible can limit the amount of damage the mole will cause to your property. 

Mice in Basingstoke  

Who would have thought something as small as a mouse could cause such a problem when its comes to invading your home or business? These little creatures can arrive and cause havoc in a very short amount of time, they will immediately be on the look out for food and a nice warm home, if they find both they are likely to move in and stay in. 
Mice, like rats, can carry all sorts of nasty diseases and can spread them quicker, mice will defecate and urinate as they move around on their search for food so can easily cover a kitchen area in a very short space of time with harmful bacteria. As mice are sporadic feeders they will feed from several areas in one evening, mice will happily chew their way into food packaging and leave droppings behind in the packaging so any food items a mouse has accessed will need to be disposed of immediately. 
Here at Abbey Pest Control we can also cover your business for unwanted guests like mice, whether you run a small takeaway, a large hotel or anything in between we have the skills and knowledge to be able to set up a contract specific to your needs to prevent a mouse infestation from causing disruption and damage to your business. 
Mice in Basingstoke
Ants in Basingstoke

Ant Control in Basingstoke 

Ants are a pest that can suddenly appear in great numbers in a very short space of time, the most common ant to be found among UK homes would be the common black ant. The ants you will see in your home will usually be worker ants, these ants sole purpose is to leave the nest to find food for the queen and her larvae this is why kitchens are ground zero for most black ant infestations, luckily we have the tools and materials to deal with any kind of ant you may have come in to your home. 
Another ant that is becoming increasingly common throughout the UK is the pharaoh ant; these ants can be harder to treat but we have several years of experience in dealing with them at Abbey Pest Control and have successfully treated infestations across Basingstoke, Hampshire and Berkshire. Pharaoh ants have multiple active queens within one nest at a single time, if the main nest comes under threat these queens can break off and start smaller nests, this means pharaoh ants can spread throughout a property with ease almost infesting an entire building in a short amount of time especially if the ants are dealt with in the wrong way regards eradication. 
Ants are a nuisance at home but can severely affect a business, particularly if the business stores or prepares food and other perishable goods. Ants can ruin food products and cause guests and customers to become uneasy if they are spotted roaming around the premises. Hotels especially can have problems when it comes to pharaoh ants due to the fact they can have several nesting sites and could infest a hotel from top to bottom very easily. 

Cockroach Control in Basingstoke  

Cockroaches are far more common in the UK then most people realise, we have 2 main types of cockroaches those being the Oriental and the German cockroach, cockroaches can be brought in to a home or business with ease especially with the volume of goods imported internationally to the UK each year. 
When cockroaches lay their eggs they stick them to a surface, if this surface happens to be in a box being shipped to another destination it could pass on the infestation to another location, if this happens to be a food distributor the infestation could then be passed on to several other locations in a very short amount of time, we have personally seen this happen in a food warehouse we looked after. 
Cockroaches in any commercial kitchen such as a restaurant, pub or hotel could result in the business being shut down with immediate effect until the infestation is dealt with, that’s where a commercial contract could help. Alongside any rodent boxes we would install we would also place down cockroach monitors/trap, these monitors give off a pheromone that attracts the cockroach to the monitor, it is also covered with a sticky layer that will catch the cockroach in place showing that an infestation is in progress at that location. 
Cockroaches in Basingstoke
Commercial contract in Basingstoke

Commercial Contracts in Basingstoke 

When it comes to our commercial coverage we will not only protect your business from pests but we will also be very discreet in doing so, most of our onsite boxes will be hidden away in kitchens, store rooms and back areas where as any boxes we use externally will also be discrete some even looking like electrical boxes, we will also only ever place a box in a position where we believe there to be activity especially in food establishments. 
Having a commercial pest control contract is something most councils will insist food premises have, to some business that haven’t ever had a issue before this can seem like an unnecessary cost that’s why here at Abbey Pest Control we run all our contracts as monitoring contracts and charge accordingly for that. If any problems do arise we will work out a treatment plan and set cost with you before any extra works are carried out so you will only ever have to pay extra if an infestation did then occur. 
With the proofing we carry out at the start we find these instances few and far between; where an infestation does occur all treatments are carried out at a heavily discounted rate - up to 50% less than our standard treatment price. 
With all our commercial contracts we always carry out an inspection before any contract is setup, this is so we can give you the best contract schedule needed for your business and protect you from any pest issues you may encounter and also to determine if you have any ongoing problems that we will need to deal with before the contract commences. 

Bedbug Treatments in Basingstoke  

Bed bugs in any location, whether it be a domestic or commercial property, are less than ideal. Nobody can sleep easily at night in the knowledge that these tiny insects are feasting on their blood! Unfortunately with the increase of international travel, overnight stays in hotels or use of public transport bed bugs are not as uncommon as you may think. They breed very quickly and have a short lifecycle so a few stray bugs can quickly become a serious infestation. 
When it comes to carrying out these treatments we always ask our customers for a few pre-treatment essentials to be carried out these can be found on the link below, at Abbey Pest Control we carry out spray treatments, treating all the bed rooms in a domestic house and all rooms around any room or rooms found to have a problem in a B&B or hotel, we will treat every inch of the room paying close attention to cracks and crevices around the room as this is where most bed bugs will hide away. 
We understand how bed bugs could affect your business as well as your home so we will always book our treatments in as soon as the pre-treatment essentials can be carried out, once a treatment has been completed it is important not to let anyone in the room for several hours following the spray, the list of aftercare essentials can also be found on the link below. Bed bugs are becoming more and more common so if you have an issue be sure to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control. 
Bedbugs in Basingstoke
Wasps in Basingstoke

Wasp Control In Basingstoke 

Wasps are a summer pest that can ruin a BBQ, trip to a pub garden or any other outdoor activity in the warmer months of the year. Queen wasps will start to find places to start building their nests in the spring and before long the drones will be out collecting food for her and the newly hatched larvae. Wasps are aggressive by nature so can deliver a sting at a moments notice which is why we would always recommend calling out a professional to deal with any wasp nests you may find. 
Toxins in a wasp sting can lead to anything from a small itchy red bump to leaving the recipient of the sting unconscious; another reason why wasp nests should be left well alone if you don’t have the right equipment to deal with a wasp nest safely. 
Pubs, bars and restaurants, especially with outdoor seating areas can definitely suffer during the summer when wasps start coming out. They will be on the search for food, usually drawn to anything sweet including alcohol, fizzy drinks, some fruit items and anything sugary. Towards the end of the summer, when the wasp nests start shutting down, hundreds of hungry wasps will be out fending for themselves and desperately searching for food. This is when they are likely to be most aggressive without provocation and more of a nuisance than ever before. Simple wasp traps around outdoor areas where people are likely to be eating and drinking can help to reduce the population and is something we can supply and fit for all of our commercial customers. 

Can we assist you with Environmental Health and Council inspections? 

It is recommended that any businesses involved in the preparation of food have a monitoring contract in place. 
We will support you by providing regular reports and written documentation to satisfy the requirements of the Food Safety Act, we will assist you in developing a safe system of work which encourages best practice and complies with Health and Safety recommendations. 

What pests can we offer commercial contracts for? 

At Abbey Pest Control Reading we will assess the risks posed to your business and create a bespoke Pest Management Plan to provide you the most appropriate protection. 
We can install and service electric fly killers, install bait stations to minimise the likelihood of rats or mice infesting your premises and install insect monitors to manage cockroach and ant infestations. 
If you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control Reading. 
Covering: Reading, Tilehurst, Caversham, Wokingham, Shinfield, Arborfield, Woodley, Earley, Newbury, Chieveley, Thatcham, Basingstoke, Hook, Camberley and surrounding areas. Our price includes a full survey, written report, all labour and materials. All of our operatives are fully trained, experienced members of the NPTA and we have comprehensive public liability insurance. 


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