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Over the past few weeks, with the temperatures rising, wasps are coming out in full force and nests are becoming increasingly active, below are some photos of a nest we treated in Calcot, Reading.  
Watch the video to see how we tackled the nest! 
Wasps in Calcot Reading
As you can see from the photos and video, the nest was located within a hedge row at the front of the property and was found while the hedge was being trimmed; luckily for the owner they made their presence known before he cut in to it. 
When we arrived on site we assessed the situation and decided the best course of action was to treat and then remove the wasp nest, this was done by spraying the nest inside and out with the powder FICAM D and waiting around 20 minutes for the majority of the wasps to die off, we then simply cut around and removed the wasp nest, clearing up and washing away and excess powder. 
Wasp have a tendency to be quite aggressive when disturbed so extra care should be taken around your home and garden over the summer months, if you find or suspect you have a wasp nest then contact us now.  
We will only ever charge you for one wasp nest, regardless of the number of nests that you may have in or around your home. 
At Abbey Pest Control we cover Reading, Wokingham, Shinfield, Woodley, Earley, Thatcham and Newbury as well as the surrounding areas. 
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