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With the persistent wind and rain affecting Berkshire over the past two weeks, we thought we would take the time to do a short blog on how the weather can affect certain pests. With storm Ciara and storm Dennis battering Reading, causing flooding in Arborfield, Wokingham, Theale, Swallowfield and surrounding areas these conditions can encourage rodents into your home or business; much like us rodents don’t like being out in the cold and wet weather and if they can find a way inside you may be sharing your home will some very unwelcome guests. 
Rodents like rats and mice will use lower level entry points, such as a broken or missing airbrick to get underneath a garage door. We are currently dealing with a property where rats have gained access through a small gap under the garage door and have built a nest underneath the homeowners nice, warm boiler which unfortunately is also in the garage. This has led to them exploring their new surroundings and finding access inside the house following the network of pipes leading from the boiler; with the weather being cold and wet this is a perfect environment for them to set up a nest, they had access to grass seeds and other plant material to feed on while having a lovely warm area in which to nest in. 
Drain proofing in Charvil
Heavy rainfall like we’ve been experiencing here in Reading and Basingstoke has caused extensive flooding as the drainage systems struggle to cope with the deluge. This can also drive rats up into the drains in and around our homes and businesses due to the rising water in the sewers; if there are any defects with the drain rats can enter properties all over the Reading and Wokingham areas. Already this year we have dealt with several such issues, drain valves or non-return valves can be fitted to stop this although we always recommend having a drain survey done in the event that extensive work needs carrying out. One of the pest control jobs we attended involved a defect with the drain shaft itself, holes in the brickwork had allowed rats to burrow underneath the patio and find a way inside, we sealed up these holes and burrows using wire and cement to prevent them from gaining access again. 
Usually drain issues will become apparent after heavy rainfall like we have been experiencing the last few weeks. At with all the pest control jobs that Abbey Pest Control attend, we thoroughly investigate any holes or defects around your home when carrying out our surveys, we take the time to understand the issues you’re experiencing to help us determine the root cause of your pest problem so we can solve it and reduce the risk of it ever happening again. 
If the horrendous rainfall around Reading or Wokingham has bought pests into your home or business, contact us now so we can help you get rid of any unwanted guests storm Ciara and storm Dennis have forced into your homes or place or work. 
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