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We are now entering the season where rats, mice and squirrels are looking for nice warm homes to seek shelter from the colder weather. Unfortunately, this could easily be your home if there are voids through which they can squeeze. Rats, mice and squirrels can easily gain access to properties through the smallest of holes, such as those found in broken airbricks or unsealed weep holes, they can even gain access through elevated voids if there is suitable vegetation for them to climb. 
Rats in Reading
Rats can gain entry from a few other sources, making their way out of the sewers and accessing the home through a drain fault. They are excellent swimmers and not averse to getting their feet wet or dirty, therefore the grimy sewers of Reading pose no obstacle to a rat looking for a warm bed. 
Squirrels will generally gain entry under roof tiles or through the facia and soffit of a roof; if necessary they will chew a hole to make it bigger for them to aid their access to the roof space. 
There are many things to look out for to indicate a possible infestation in your home, scratching noises are usually the first indicator and time of day can be a factor in determining what rodent is in your home. 
As rats and mice are being nocturnal, activity is usually noticeable at night or in the evening; although in some cases they may also be active during the day if there is a high concentration of competition. Squirrels, on the other hand, will usually be active during the day, sometimes leaving first thing in the morning and returning in the evening once it starts to get dark. 
Some other factors to consider when trying to identify the pest residing in your home could be the droppings. Where mice and rats are the culprit you may find these throughout your home, you may also notice interference with food items that have been stored in cupboards or left on the work surfaces of the kitchen. Squirrels will usually tear up insulation within a loft to make a nest so seeing a sudden ball of shredded insulation appear in your loft could be an indication of squirrels. 
Determining what is trying to make itself at home in your property is key to providing the right treatment for your issue; this includes a full property survey to fully investigate all signs of activity and identify any entry points, so they can be sealed once your infestation has been dealt with. It’s why at Abbey Pest Control we offer full surveys on our first visits, as part of the treatment price, to determine the cause of the infestation and how they have gained access. We then tailor our treatments to your home and the scale of the problem to quickly rid you of your unwelcome guests and eliminate any future problems. 
If you are hearing or seeing rodents in and around your home in Reading or Berkshire, calls us now at Abbey Pest Control on 07525 850347. 
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