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With the temperatures finally starting to cool we are now seeing rodents entering properties to seek suitable nesting sites for the winter months. Rats can gain access through various points from something simple as a broken air vent or missing brick to a broken drain. 
At Abbey Pest Control we are now starting to visit properties in Reading, Newbury and the surrounding areas like Caversham and Tilehurst and as far away as Maidenhead to deal with complaints of unusual noises and evidence of droppings. We conduct a full survey of the house and neighbouring properties, using tracking dust and motion-activated cameras to determine the points of entry. We then seal any possible access points and place traps in the property to catch any rats that may still be inside, we use traps to discourage resistance to rodenticide, to ensure that a poisoned rodent doesn’t incidentally allow poison into the food chain and to ensure a poisoned rat does not die in an unreachable void within your home, causing unpleasant side effects such as maggots, flies and horrible smells. 
If you see signs of rodent activity around your property and act now, it will help to ensure your home is secure and that no further infestations should occur over the winter period. We will always look to secure your home rather than just eradicate the any population of rats in the immediate area. 
Due to the dense population within Reading and the many housing developments ongoing within Berkshire, any rodents that are poisoned and removed from the area will soon be replaced by others that venture into this territory. 
Contact us now if you have any rodent issues and we will be happy to visit your home or business to eradicate the rats and protect your property from the damage that they can cause. 
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