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Here at Abbey Pest Control we have had several calls over the passed few weeks about carpet beetles. Carpet beetles are similar to carpet moths in that their larvae will feed upon carpets, clothing and furniture and are a real nuisance around Reading and Berkshire. 
Carpet beetles are about 1.7mm – 3.5mm with a roundish body, they have a white, brown and yellow pattern over their body (see photo). 
Carpet Beetles in Reading
The life cycle of the carpet beetle is around 1-3 years, this will depend on living conditions and the temperature of the environment, the larvae will hatch in spring or early summer and following this the adults will emerge any time between late May to early August. 
The eggs are usually laid under furniture, within closets and under skirting boards, the larvae will hide away in dark, undisturbed places and feed on any organic materials. It is the larvae rather than the adult carpet beetle that causes the most damage by feeding on carpets, clothing, furniture and any materials containing keratin and chitin; this can include animal fur and feathers. Adult carpet beetles will feed on flower pollen and are far less destructive inside the home. 
The carpet beetle’s life cycle is around 2 weeks, in this time they will mate and lay eggs in homes, in bird nests or anywhere in which the larvae will be close to a food source and find suitable shelter. 
If you have a problem with carpet beetles don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abbey Pest Control. 
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