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Ever wondered what the inside of a wasp nest looks like? 
Wasps start building their nest in the spring, as the colony grows the nest grows alongside it. The nests are made from wood pulp, gathered from trees, fences and even cardboard. The workers collect the wood and mix it with saliva to enable them to build the nest. 
This nest was found within a bike shed at a block of flats in Arborfield, was extremely active and was removed a couple of days after treatment. 
At the bottom of the page is a short video of the nest and the clean up/ removal of the nest. 
Wasp nest in Arborfield, Wokingham
The nest reaches its peak at the end of Summer/early Autumn and is then abandoned as the colony leaves in search of food which is why we typically see an increase in the number of wasps around during August and September. 
They are particularly bothersome at this time of year as the workers all forage for food away from the nest. 
If you find a nest on your property and want us to remove it, don't hesitate to call us today. 
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